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Warner's World 3-26
Why not hockey?
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With all the lobbying going on about what to build at McMinnville Civic Center, an indoor pool and/or a $6 million expansion that was cost cut down from $5 million and a skateboard park here in the city, I had an idea.
Our sports Facebook page,, had a hockey team message from a reader who published the team’s info. I thought wow, we have a hockey rink! Then I looked a little closer and it was Warren County Kentucky and they had mixed up their Warren counties. I took a look anyway - - and thought “Hey if they can do it in Warren County, Ky., why can’t we do it here?”
Before you get all worked up, I’m not saying we shouldn’t do an indoor pool or more workout equipment. I’m saying here’s another alternative to local sports and community that could be used year round. For one, there would be another sport to compete in, both locally and outside the county. The rink could be used for events like parties, school functions, Christmas shows, competitive figure skating and rented out like the roller rink.
One reason not to have it is financial ability. I don’t know how much a hockey rink costs but on the face of it, it doesn’t seem to be too unattainable. It’s frozen water but what it takes to keep it that way might be costly. Nashville has a few rinks, not counting the Predators home ice.
Hockey is a special kind of sport, but look how far rugby has come in Warren County and the interest is growing. Hockey is like kind of like rugby on skates without the scrum where you can pass the biscuit forward if you need to. It’s a contact sport like rugby so that should appeal to those who like football and rugby as well.
Hockey is also a fun spectator sport too, with a 360-degree seating potential for fans. It can do a lot to inspire confidence and coordination, muscle tone, stamina and endurance as the game is fast.
It doesn’t even need to be a government project, seems like one might be able to work with the Predators to see about what type of sponsorships and programs might be available for fledgling hockey. I don’t know what is available but I bet they wouldn’t slam the door in your face.
I know a skateboard park wouldn’t be as expensive as a hockey rink but you can’t skateboard outside all year long. I guess you could but who would want to? There doesn’t seem be any potential for paying fans to attend skateboarding though.
An indoor pool has to be as expensive or more than a hockey rink. Personally, I’m not a pool person and would rather swim in the river on a hot summer day. The pool is a little too structured for my taste but that’s my opinion.
My vote would be for a hockey rink … it might be the only one, but there it is.