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Simmons Says 10-11
Grayson graces Pioneers
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There's something about Friday night's football game that has stuck in my head. It's not just the Pioneers won - although its a big thing. It's the performance of Isaiah Grayson which continues to resonate.
For years, I've heard countless fans lament how the Pioneers didn't have a player who could take over a game and win it on his own. Fans have seen it other places - like when Steven Jennings took the reins of the DeKalb County Tigers. Warren County was always left wondering how it would feel to be on the other side of greatness.
Fayetteville fans got a taste Friday night.
Grayson was simply unstoppable. Anytime the Pioneers needed a big play, No. 11 would move the chains on a scramble or make a man miss in the open field. When Warren County desperately needed a defensive stop, Grayson was there.
His interception in the final minutes to seal a 28-21 victory was the cherry on top of a performance which should live on in Pioneer lore. Yes, it was that impressive.
When a program suffers through what could be 27 years of losing seasons, fans are left to grasp on to any glimmer of hope that arrives. Grayson accounting for all four Pioneers touchdowns (three rushing, one passing) and making a game-sealing interception counts as one of those moments.
Grayson is a home-grown talent. He's a two-sport star - Grayson has started since his freshman year on the basketball team - who shows Warren County is still capable of producing great players. He's heaped constant praise, yet doesn't seem to have a big head. He's endlessly optimistic.
Quick aside: Before what would be a 62-0 loss to Blackman, Grayson stormed the field with his teammates. Before kickoff, he was bouncing around, shouting encouragement and promoting a positive mindset for the Pioneers. He probably knew the odds of victory were slim-to-none, but he didn't care.
Grayson's performance Friday in Fayetteville was the culmination of countless hard work behind the scenes. It was the crescendo of all those two-a-days in the heat with his teammates - ones he's quick to praise as the reason for his success. In his estimation, Grayson knows his line opens the holes and he just runs or that he doesn't make the big throws, his receivers just make big catches.
Grayson isn't one to shine the spotlight on himself, but I will.
Fans would be wise to come check out next week's senior night. It's the last time they'll get to see Grayson's greatness.