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The Scoop - Two bad political ideas
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For those of you who are disappointed in not seeing the friendly face of retired Army Col. Thomas B. Vaughn in this spot, let me provide an explanation.

Thomas is going 10 rounds with the flu and he's been feeling like he's been punched in the face as of late. Thomas isn't getting any younger and he hasn't felt good enough to write his column the past two weeks. If he misses next week, I think I'm going to need a note from his doctor.

Thomas asked if I would be so kind to take his spot this week and talk about political news. I'm sure I can mimic his playful style easy enough and throw in a couple long words like Thomas would do, but I'm no fan of national politics.

I'm a proud Ronald Reagan conservative who favors a fierce military and a small government. I don't know what the political parties stand for today, but I know I'm not a conservative. I will never buy into the theory everyone should be walking around with a loaded gun. There were 27 gunned down last weekend at a car show and folks just shrug. 

Since Thomas is a fan of United States history and national politics, I thought I word spend a moment talking about the worst policy proposal I've heard from each party over the past two years.

DEMOCRATS -- Defund the police

This is one of those things where I can even see how it would sound good in your head before you said it.

In response to claims of unnecessary use of police force around the nation, the liberal left decided to start a movement that declared we should defund the police. 

Instead of paying police officers to enforce our laws, a group of community volunteers would handle the task, almost like a super-duper Neighborhood Watch.

My thoughts on this are it's probably not best to send Bob next door into a hostile domestic situation involving a gun. I can't see how that would work out well.

I am missing the logic in why anyone would want to defund the very organization that protects their community. Untrained volunteers are only going to cause more problems when they enter hostile situations and cause injury to others or themselves.

REPUBLICANS -- Don't get vaccinated

As a matter of looking out for humanity and the well-being of mankind, I never understood the mentality of telling people not to get vaccinated.

I know everything has become political, even a virus that's transmitted from person to person, but it accomplishes nothing positive to discourage someone from taking a life-saving vaccine. For it's next trick, the GOP is going to encourage our teens to take up smoking to help save money in our healthcare system.

 Clearly, national politics is not my thing. I don't enjoy it. Both sides can be so nasty in disagreeing with ideas from the other party. But, as we can see, both parties are capable of supporting anything.

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