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Random Thoughts - Excitement of youth contagious
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No. 1 One benefit of covering sports is being around kids. Not only do I get to occasionally see joy on young people’s faces, I also get to hear positive comments from them. Interviewing Esperanza Juarez and hearing her hopes and dreams reminded me of how exciting being a senior in high school can be. We are all much more alike than we are different.

No. 2 We are witnessing a good high school girls soccer team. Coaching is part of the reason. Exceptional dedication of high school athletes is another reason. Common sense tells me that the development of Pistole Park and the dedication of countless parents has been another factor. 

Youth football is non-existent this year in Warren County. I agree with Peter King that there is no reason to have tackle football before high school. Why not start a flag football league for youth football? Increase participation and make it safe. Teams from all around the county could play each other. It could be a safer way to develop a feeder program for Warren County football.

No. 3 Living with COVID-19 is a reality for high school sports. We have seen JV and freshman teams not have games in some sports in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

Football coaches across the state have told me they must have JV and freshman football games to keep the younger athletes motivated. Many believe that if there are not games for freshman and JV players, they will lose interest and quit. 

That does not bode well for the future of a high school team. WCHS coach Matt Turner says that he will start having JV and freshman games after Labor Day.

No. 4 COVID-19 has also impacted the number of tickets that can be sold for football games. Social distancing must be practiced. 

Let me preface these remarks by stating the football coaches do not determine how many tickets are sold. Why is Warren County getting the same number of tickets from Rockvale High School that they received from DeKalb County? 200 tickets. 

Isn’t Rockvale’s stadium much larger than DeKalb’s? Rockvale is selling the tickets at the gate for Warren County fans. What if a parent drives to Rockvale and cannot purchase a ticket to the game? Why not give parents of players priority to tickets?

No. 5 Observing the football field at Nunley Stadium during the Cannon County game was disconcerting. Coach Turner’s comments after the game about the field were very convincing. The field did not pass the eyeball test. 

Many high school teams in Tennessee have installed turf. What is the solution? Turf or a new stadium at the high school?