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New road should be named after Cooper
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County officials on the Highway and Bridge Committee are on the right road with their discussion to name the new four-lane to Woodbury after former state Sen. Jerry Cooper.It's a fitting tribute for a man who did as much as anyone in Tennessee to make the sure that road became a reality.Sure, there were other people involved, dating all the way back to the days when I.V. Hillis served in the General Assembly, but Cooper is the one who really spearheaded the project and made sure it was never allowed to be forgotten.There were times it seemed a four-lane to Woodbury would be a project that was perpetually discussed, but one which would never get the green light. This seemed true even when the first phase was completed in Newtown, but the rest of the project remained unfunded. Now in its finished stage we can see what a benefit the new four-lane has become.