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Moore Thoughts - Dear Santa
taylor moore

At the Standard, it’s an annual tradition to publish letters to Santa written by children in Warren County, and Bethany and I love them. With the misspellings, deciphering what a lalaloopsy is, or a child telling the big man how good they’ve been compared to their sibling, we get a kick out of them.

Recently, I found an old letter to Santa of mine from when I was six years old. I found it kind of silly, but I thought I would share it with everyone.

“Dear Santa,

I would like Miss. Bindergarten, boy cooks with a back-pack, spider-man toy, hot-wheels car, teddy-bear, video-game, clothes, socks & shoes.

Love, Taylor”

This is written exactly how I wrote it almost 20 years ago, so my spelling was pretty good, I think. However, I don’t get the obsession over hyphenating everything. It’s very cute, but I’m sure many are confused as to what I really asked for. 

For starters, Miss Bindergarten is such a deep cut. She is the titular character of the book “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten.” It’s in a series of books with this kindergarten teacher who so happened to be a dog, and all her students were animals that started with a different letter of the alphabet. For the letter “x”, there was a xenosaurus which sounds like a dinosaur but is actually a lizard.

The second thing I asked for sounds strange, but I think I was asking for a toy cooking set (the boy kind, I guess) that comes in a backpack. This is a controversial item as some people wouldn’t like their son playing with cooking stuff because it’s “for girls.” Well, one, that’s dumb. Two, I also had a toy grill set growing up, and now I eat microwaveable breakfasts, so did either really do their jobs?

A Spider-Man toy makes sense because the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies were everywhere during this time in the early 2000s. Hot Wheels also makes sense because I played with toy cars probably more than any other toy growing up. Lincoln Logs, Lego, and Barbies were close behind, but Hot Wheels were my thing. I even follow a Tik-Tok account that races Hot Wheels.

What kid doesn’t want a teddy bear? The next one is the confusing one because what video game am I even asking for? At this time, I was playing on the Xbox or Playstation 2. Maybe I was asking for “Sonic Heroes” for the Xbox, because I know I played a bunch of that, or watched my brothers play. I could’ve been asking for Gameboy games, who knows?

And the one thing on my list that never changes, clothing. I have always loved getting new clothes as a kid, and that still stands. A pair of socks goes a long way for me. If it fits, I will usually always wear what I’m given. I knew many kids that would scoff at just a T-shirt, but not I. 

This year, my list is not far from this one. Obviously, clothes, socks and shoes are on the list, but I still want cooking stuff, just adult version now. I still play video games, and instead of a Hot Wheels, maybe someone can just get me a car for Christmas.

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