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Looking back at basketball
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With my final home basketball game of the Warren County 2014-2015 season under my belt I’m starting to think about the spring sports, but before I get my cart too far in front of my horse, maybe I could take a few moments to thank everyone for making my first basketball season as Southern Standard sportswriter a somewhat memorable one.
So many people have reached out and introduced themselves and I cannot possibly mention everyone. But if you have answered my calls and or text messages when you thought maybe it was annoying, thank you.
It was very overwhelming when looking at what it took to bring you the news in McMinnville and around Warren County. It is still a lot of work but not nearly as overwhelming as when I first began. I knew several people around the sports community from seeing them when my kids played and while visiting the other schools around the county.
From watching so many 5-6 grade basketball games and the young talent getting their start around the Warren County area, I found myself becoming a fan of others around the area and not just Centertown. Often I tell people it feels like inheriting 1,500 new kids and trying to memorize their names.
Watching the 7-8 grade basketball games I look forward to seeing some of these kids continue to pursue basketball at the next level. We see teams with perfect records in the girls and boys age groups as well as kids who are younger struggle but they play on despite the disadvantage. My first year I made a trip to the boys state tournament and the atmosphere there was like nothing I could have expected.
The Pioneers and Lady Pioneers have had their ups and downs and the future looks bright in Warren County. Change never comes easy for some people, myself included. Being at the games and being involved I myself try to encourage these young men and women to keep on grinding it out.
After a tough loss at home WCHS girls coach Shea Panter was willing to take a phone call at 11:30 p.m. because I wanted to have the story correct, and the same can be said about WCHS boys coach Chris Sullens. After a double-overtime loss and conflicting reports about what happened, he took the time to explain it to me. We both agreed on what needed to be said and that was that.
And I can’t forget Boyd Christian School. These guys go all out and the games at Boyd are just as intense as any I have seen anywhere.
So as we head out of basketball season and head into the unknown with only tournament play remaining, thanks for the good words and comments. There are promising things coming and I hope to be there to bring it to you.
Right on!