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Livin' la Vida Lacy - It's time for the grand reveal
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On Sunday, I made a decision – time to reveal our progress to Ross’ great-aunts and uncles. Unlike some of our family members who’ve popped in from time to time, the aunts and uncles have patiently waited for the grand reveal for around a year … maybe a smidge longer. I’m losing track of time at this point.

I wish I could unveil our home Chip and Joanna Gaines-style with an enlarged before photo. Ross would stand on one side of the sign and I’d stand on the other saying “Ready to see our fixer-upper” at the same moment while pulling it apart. Unfortunately, I didn’t take many before photos so I’ll have to rely on my mother-in-law to supply those. Plus, I’d have to twist Ross’ arm to say something that cheesy.

I’m particularly excited for Ross’ Uncle Jerry to see our progress considering he helped Man with several home projects. Like Man, Jerry is a handyman. (You should see his yard too. It’s pristine.) When we’d give him and Linda verbal updates before church, Jerry could recall in detail the areas we were renovating. 

Actually, I’m continually surprised by just how many people remember precise details of our home – friends, family and acquaintances. It warms my heart that this home is associated with so many happy memories. If only walls could speak, am I right?  

Someone recently asked me which room was my favorite. It’s tough to answer when I’ve controlled every detail down to the hardware. I will say, the kitchen space has been the most transformative. Plus, I made some bold design choices – blue cabinets, corner breakfast nook and opening up the wall. I’m eager to see their reactions to it.  

So does this mean we’re finished? Heavens no. There are still a few things I’d like to do décor-wise. Just a few final touches that I’ve not gotten around to. Right now, I’m researching for a new mattress since we’ve been putting that off and Ross is eyeballing a new TV to go above the mantle. (Insert eye-rolling emoji here.)

As far as new updates, I do have a few. Hughy finished the breakfast nook bench and just when I thought I was going to have to get someone to build me a customized table, Hughy had the perfect one hiding in his basement. We bartered and now it’s in my possession. I’m so excited because the space is almost complete. 

Also, after months of online browsing, I found the perfect pair of lamps on sale for my living room. If you haven’t checked out Lamps Plus, you should! I’ve bought several for cheaper than what I’d pay at Kirkland’s. Plus, the selection is way better.

Anyway, tomorrow I plan on dedicating my day off to cleaning and tidying up my house. It’s got to be in tip top shape for Saturday. With a yearlong wait, I can’t let the uncles and aunts down. Who knows, maybe I’ll channel my inner Meme and bake some Sun Drop cake. 

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