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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Dusting off my hostess skills
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My first taste of a family gathering in my new home was sweet. Although my hostess skills are a tad rusty, Saturday with Ross’ great-aunts and uncles was lovely. 

My mother-in-law provided a Sun Drop cake and fruit tea while Ross laid out cheese and crackers on a platter on the dining room table. Comfort candles smelling of patchouli and vanilla perfumed our house while my Feeling Happy playlist added some much needed background noise. Every light was turned on in preparation for their visit.

As they started showing up, I peeked out the window wondering why they hadn’t come in. Instead, they were gathered in our yard, but then I realized they wanted to enter together. Talk about anticipation on my part. Finally, the moment Ross and I had waited for arrived. As each one stepped through the front door, mouths dropped in surprise and smiles were shared as they looked around the living room. 

Being the overly organized person I am, I created a folder on Ross’ iPad containing before photos. I don’t know why because their memories proved sharper than tacks. I’m not great at being a tour guide or formalities in general so I encouraged everyone to roam as they pleased. 

Once they had completed their mostly self-guided tour, everyone returned to the living room. I was eager to see if the layout of the room worked. With two leather couches and two window seats, eight family members set around comfortably while a few pulled up seats to join the discussion. 

For me, this was the best moment – seeing everyone circled together in one room reminiscing and sharing family history. What’s better than the smell of coffee and sound of laughter as stories are shared? 

Jerry recalled helping Man put in the upstairs, converting the garage into a den and building the work-shop under the carport. It’s amazing to me how much the entire family has invested in this home be-fore we even took ownership of it. Kaye said Meme and Man would be so proud. I really hope so. 

So which was the family’s favorite room? From their feedback, I’d say it was a tie between the den and kitchen. The blue cabinets were a hit and the den was deemed most cozy. Although, Suzi joked that Man would have scolded us for painting all the oak paneling. She had encouraged him to do it for years. I happily accepted their compliments and told them to withhold their criticism for their car ride home. (Mostly joking with that comment.)

Now, that some of Ross’ side has seen it, I’m confident enough to show others that have heard me rattle on about our renovation journey. I’m thinking about doing a family dinner and game night. Meanwhile, all the men are waiting for Ross to buy a TV for the living room so they can come over to watch games. Isn’t that right, Reed Tucker?

Anyway, until I start with landscaping in the fall, this is the end of my reno updates. Thanks for following along.

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