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Letter to the Editor 9-21
Stop stealing my political signs
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There are few rights more precious than my constitutional right to express my views by voting for whom I choose to vote during any election, and especially a presidential election. I have spent a large portion of my life defending those rights. While I may not agree with another’s political leanings, I would never infringe on their participation in the political process in any way, regardless of the degree to which our views may differ; I expect and demand the same consideration!
On Saturday, July 30, my wife and I placed campaign signs supporting our presidential candidate of choice in the front lawn of our daughter’s house, at her request. Her neighbors also requested a couple of the same signs and so we placed two in their yard as well. The next morning the signs were gone.
Earlier in the month the same reportedly happened to some folks, in the same neighborhood, who had placed signs in their yard supporting the same candidate. A mutual friend explained that those signs had just been placed when some Hispanic adolescents walked into the yard and removed them in full view of the folks who had just placed them.
Subsequent to July 30, thieves have removed signs from our daughter's yard on three more occasions. Some of those signs had been placed immediately in front of her front porch.
I am sure there have been similar incidents experienced by those who support the opposing candidate. However, seldom do you ever hear of such vandalism and theft being committed by those whose political views coincide with my own. Is it not enough that we have to put up with the dishonesty which apparently takes place within the conventions and at the polling stations, or the venality in Washington? 
To the cowards who keep stealing our signs, go find your own! Exercise your constitutional right to support the candidate of your choice, unless of course you are not a citizen, in which case you can take your butt home and vote there – your country needs you!
But please, be decent enough to allow me and mine to support our candidate without having to worry about some simple-minded buffoon trespassing onto our property and stealing our signs. You may want to consider too, the dangers inherent in trespassing own another’s property in the middle of the night, especially when there are children on that property whose parents (and grandparents) would take extreme measures to protect.
Robert Ditmore
Jones Hollow Road