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Letter to the Editor 3-31
Blue Building has become money pit
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In regard to the recent column by James Clark concerning the Blue Building, I say amen.
There are just two problems with Mr. Clark's reasoning. The first is that what he had to say was sensible and responsible thinking, neither qualities often found in government.
The second problem is that apparently Mr. Clark didn't get the message from the city board last year when it was proposed to allow the people a second opportunity to let the board know how they felt about spending more money on the money pit. It was turned down.
We were told that what the people thought didn't matter. All that mattered is what the seven members of the city board wanted and there is no interest in how the people felt about wasting taxpayer money. I once believed it was a good idea to take this prime piece of property, owned by the city, and use it to address the needs of our city. How foolish I was in light of brilliant proposals made since I made mine.
It makes perfectly good sense to spend around $150,000 or so to put another temporary fix to the roof of a building that should have been condemned years ago. It's also probably reasonable for the city to go ahead and spend $4 to $6 million to just restore the building before selecting a board to decide how to get rid of the money pit.
Perhaps while deciding how to waste more of the taxpayers money they can sign a long-term agreement for the city to be responsible for any future repairs needed. After all, it's not their money the city board throws into what has become the money pit.
David H. Hill
Lyon Street