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Letter to the Editor 2-22
Do research before accepting information
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One fact I am certain of is that there are alternative facts and fake news going around. Always has been, always will be.
What surprises me is how quickly people accept these as real news and facts. I hate to tell you, but just because your mother, brother, preacher, best friend, Fox News, MSNBC, or neighbor tells you, it does not make it fact. If it sounds hard to believe it probably is.
If you only watch Fox News you're going to get some false news; same for CNN and MSNBC.  Your best bet is probably to listen to both sides of the same story and then do your own research.  The internet is full of reliable (and unreliable) sources, but you can often find original documents or (in this age) YouTube video. 
Don't be duped and don't be a dupe.  Discount what you hear, and don't pass along stories until you've checked them out.  And remember this -- we don't pick fact and truth by majority rule.
Disclaimer: this letter contains no false news or alternative facts.

Bill Williams
Lakeland Drive