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Just a Thought - Trying to find comfy fashion
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Why do women wear uncomfortable clothes? If you aren’t of the female persuasion, the gentler sex, you may want to stop reading. You have been warned. 

It’s somewhat torturous what women will endure for appearance sake. Insanely high heels, uncomfortable underwear which promises to hide the lines or defy gravity, formfitting tops, pantyhose, low cut this, and jeans that are tight from top to bottom.

Society has high standards for women. We’re expected to work hard and look presentable. While neither create that much of a challenge alone, they most definitely do when combined. 

Not sure where the expectations for women began, but I blame it on 1950s sitcoms which depicted beautiful women, not a hair out of place, and perfect makeup. Some were housewives who also held down successful careers. They accomplished it all and looked good doing it. Some even wore heels while doing housework. 

I think shows like “Leave it to Beaver” with June Cleaver, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,” with Harriet Nelson, “The Donna Reed Show” featuring Donna Stone, and last but not least, “I Love Lucy” with Lucille Ball set the tone for the ideal housewife that mothers could never achieve in real lire. 

This brings me back to the topic question with a personal twist: Why do I wear uncomfortable clothes? I think I do it because it’s important to me to feel good about myself. I’m a firm believer that some clothes can highlight strengths and hide flaws, while others do not. I take that into consideration.

Secret: I have, on occasion, bought clothing based more on how it makes me look and less on whether I actually like it. If it makes me look good, that purchase is harder to pass up than one where I just like the outfit. 

After saying all this, I recently decided I needed a break. I wanted some comfortable clothes. With temperatures creeping up, I wanted some tops that were light (but not see-thru) and airy (but not too loose). Something I could wear at home or to work. I had no idea how difficult an endeavor that would be. 

I quickly discovered that clothing manufacturers do not cater to women who seek to break free from their ideals of what a woman should be wearing. I got frustrated. Everything was either formfitting or box shaped. I also couldn’t find comfortable, light and airy. The tops I found offered one or two, but not all three. 

Hoping for a better outcome, I ventured over into the men’s section to check out their clothing options. Bingo! Took seconds to find tops that fit all three characteristics. I bought four. So, if you see me looking more comfortable these days, it’s because I’m taking a break from torturing myself. 

Fashion or comfort, which is more important? 

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