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Just a Thought - I apologize for my mistakes
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Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry.

I sound like Jan on the Brady Bunch, but I made a mistake and that was my initial response when I was told I accidently placed former Warren County commissioner Terry Bell as voting on the measure to create a Legislative Committee to update the rules governing decorum during meetings. It should have been Commissioner Michael Bell. 

I immediately spent a very repentant cell phone message to Michael. I admit when I oops. I am, without a doubt, human. Again, Michael, I do apologize. 

He is not alone. We had three Brocks in city government and try as I might, I eventually mixed up two of them. We have two Carl Bouldins in county government. An “E.” and a “D.”. One former Bell and one current Bell, Terry and Michael. Strive as hard as I might, I have had three misfortunate accidents in 15 years. 

Only a person of low moral character would make a big deal out of this and attempt to make me feel any worse than I already do. A person of low morals will always land on any opportunity that they find in an attempt to hurt others. They are bullies. They must tear someone down in order to feel better about themselves. 

I was told one such person started bright and early Friday morning, so let the bullying begin. He can take all the pot shots at me that he wants. There’s your stone. Remember this, my error was purely by accident and your attack is intentional. Sink as low as you feel you need to go. 

Importantly, Michael Bell is not a man of low moral character. He accepted my apology. He probably plans to tease me about it. This, I will gladly accept. I, albeit by accident, earned it. He can expect my reply, “I’m sorry, Terry.” 

Turning to the article in which I made the mistake. Stotts proposed a new committee to establish rules and regulation for procedures during committee and commission meetings. In doing that, he brought to light a resolution that was passed in 2002 and presented by former commissioner Sally Brock. Because that resolution was never amended or repealed, that decision stands today and should be followed. 

My favorite sentence was, “Debates and remarks will be limited to four minutes.” That would have been good information since the last election. Now that we know this resolution exists, I’m sure members of the commission – all of them – will adhere to it. No more grandstanding with one or two 8-12 minute speeches, most of which are not even related to the business at hand.

Maybe with these guidelines the commission can get back to conducting business in an orderly way during their meetings. Prior to this administration, meetings (both committee and commission) took departmental reports and considered resolutions. Everything ran relatively smoothly in comparison to now. 

County meetings now look more like the Brady Bunch episode where Marcia suffered a broken nose and had two black eyes. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.