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Just a Thought - Women's Show a great getaway
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Everyone, but me, seems to be focused on Daylight Saving Time.

I normally have tunnel vision too. I love it when the time changes and I have more daylight in the evening. During the winter months, I accurately feel like I’ve worked from daylight to dark. I prefer getting off work and having 2-3 hours of daylight to go and do something productive, such as mow my yard.
However, my attention seems to be further into the year. I saw an announcement of this year’s Southern Women’s Show and that was it. I’ve left the building, at least mentally, and I’m on my way to the greatest show on Earth – sorry Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey – in Nashville at the Music City Center.
The part I’m loving the most is this year’s show is April 5-8. My birthday is April 7. Yes! Happy birthday to me. If you want to buy me something, just send cash. My birthday bash is going to be at this show. It has “hundreds of boutiques filled with the latest fashions, trendy jewelry, gourmet treats, health and beauty, and so much more.”
If you’ve never been, it’s women by the hundreds shopping, sampling, and sharing in the fun and merriment.

If you are into "The Bachelorette," Arie Luyendyk is going to be a celebrity guest. I am not. However, apparently, he has returned as "The Bachelor." I’m not into that either. If you are, he’s going to be at the show Friday, April 6 at 2 p.m. Come take a gander, if you’re into that rose ceremony stuff.

Also at the show will be Ann Cox Eastes, a consumer specialist and speaker; and Clark Bartram, a personal trainer from the TV show "American Health & Fitness."

Mother Daughter Day is on Sunday. Among the cooking exhibitors, there will be a cake decorating contest for mothers and daughters, or any other combination of family members or friends. Teams of two will compete to try their hands as a pastry chef.

It might be surprising to hear but I’m interested in something called “Calling Cauliflower.” Tammy Algood from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture will share delicious recipes using cauliflower. I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at some cauliflower recipes.

The girls and I pick one of the days and go as a group. Our day is usually Saturday, which happens to fall on my birthday. After the show, we stop by a restaurant and relax. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of walking. There are many vendors. We make a day of it.

My daughter’s boyfriend wanted to go last year. I told him he could, as soon as he grows a uterus. He looked at me funny, but I wasn’t joking. This is definitely a girls’ event.

I can’t wait. So, let’s hurry up and get past Daylight Saving Time so I can get to the best birthday ever at the Southern Women’s Show.

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