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Everlasting Joy - MLB season still unclear
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Tentative opening dates have been announced for softball to return to Midway and Centertown in June. Morrison Ruritan has posted a July 6 opening date for softball on its Facebook page.

With local leagues ready to dance, the question on my mind is, “What about Major League Baseball? Will the Orioles get to play the Yanks this year?”

From everything I can tell, the answer is a big-league maybe.

At the professional baseball level, guys aren’t out there for the love of the game. It’s a business and they expect to make money – a lot of money – for their ability to throw and hit a ball.

MLB said during a presentation to players on May 12 it will lose $4 billion if there is no season. The players appear to have replied with a collective shrug as they don’t seem too interested in a proposal to play at reduced salaries.

As of Wednesday night, the two key sticking points are: 1) what will baseball look like in order for it to be played safely during COVID-19 concerns? And 2) how much will players get paid for a shortened season that will likely feature a number of games at empty stadiums?

From reports I’ve seen, players don’t seem peachy about a 50-50 revenue split between the players and owners. The players say they’re the ones out there taking all the health risks while the owners are taking no risks.

The players also point out they aren’t given extra compensation during banner financial seasons so they shouldn’t suffer during what promises to be a disastrous financial year, if there’s any season at all.

During controversies like this one, the chorus seems to be familiar. The players should shut up and play. That’s the fan response to every obstacle.

If a player misses time because of an injury, he should stop being a baby and get out there and play. If a player voices an opinion on a social issue, he should keep that opinion to himself and shut up and play.

If the entire Major League Baseball season is hanging in the balance, players need to succumb to the demands of the owners and trot out on the field and play. They’re getting paid handsomely, after all, for participating a game and they should count their blessings.

I hate to silence this chorus of “shut up and play,” but we’re not talking about rec league softball where commissioners are volunteers doing what’s best for the kids. This is Major League Baseball where the owners and players earn millions and no one seems to care what’s best for the kids.

I’d like to see MLB take the field this year, but I still remember when players went on strike in the middle of the season and canceled the World Series. That doesn’t create confidence an agreement will be reached.