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Will Titans target WR?
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If you visit and other online resources, you’ll find more mock drafts than passengers getting kicked off United flights.
Several websites even have a giant countdown clock atop their home page. At the time of this writing Tuesday, the start of the NFL Draft is just 9 days, 6 hours, and 56 minutes away.
Like the rest of Titans Nation, I’m anxious to see which potential stars end up in Nashville. With two picks in the first round, including No. 5 overall, the Titans should be able to land some playmakers.
Most observers agree about the Titans greatest needs. The secondary was ranked 30th in the league last year so CB and safety are obvious concerns.
And we couldn’t have a conversation about the Titans without mentioning their shortcomings at WR. The team constantly fumbles when it comes to grading WR talent.
The Titans haven’t had a true No. 1 receiver since they moved to Nashville in 1999. It’s not for lack of trying.
In the early days, the Titans signed former UT product Carl Pickens, only to discover his best years were way, way behind him. The Titans even had Randy Moss for half a season, although Moss didn’t catch a TD while in Nashville.
The Titans drafted WRs Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright in the first round. They also traded up to draft Justin Hunter, another Vol product, with the second pick of the second round.
History tells us the Titans will take another WR high in this draft and that receiver probably won’t be that good. Just saying.
In glancing over the mock drafts of some 15 NFL analysts, the overwhelming choices are for the Titans to snatch a DB and a WR in the first round. The majority of mock drafts have the Titans taking a DB at No. 5. The two most popular picks are Ohio State CB Marshon Lattimore and LSU safety Jamal Adams.
A few experts have the spots flipped and say a WR will be taken first. Clemson WR Mike Williams is the most popular choice in this scenario, although Western Michigan WR Corey Davis is mentioned too. If the Titans wait till their second pick of the first round for a WR, Washington speedster John Ross is frequently mentioned at No. 18.
Knowing the Titans and how they like beef, Alabama tight end O.J. Howard must be in the middle of their radar screen. TE Delanie Walker remains one of their best players, but he’s 32 and a 12-year veteran.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Titans nab Howard at No. 5, take the best WR available at No. 18, and load up on DBs in the later rounds.