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Everlasting Joy 10-26
A rare series
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In this world of death and taxes, there are only two certainties.
Certainty No. 1 – The Chicago Cubs will never win the World Series.
Certainty No. 2 – The Cleveland Indians will never win the World Series.
Don’t look now, but something has to give as the Cubs and Indians began their World Series confrontation Tuesday night.
The Indians haven’t won the World Series since 1948. The Cubs haven’t won since 1908. Yet one of these beleaguered franchises will finally claw its way from the spotlight of ridicule to be crowned champion.
Vegas oddsmakers have declared Chicago as the favorite, perhaps forgetting these are the Cubs.
According to CBS Sports, computer simulations also favor the Cubs. These simulations show Chicago winning 59.4 percent of the time. But I’m not sure there’s a way to make a computer understand these are the Cubs.
If nothing else, this World Series exemplifies the power of supply and demand. When something is very rare, it has remarkable value, and that’s the case with World Series tickets.
For Tuesday night’s game at Progressive Field in Cleveland, StubHub showed the cheapest standing-room tickets at $675 apiece. To sit in a seat, the cheapest price was $898. This is not the time to pack up the family for a trip to the ballpark.
To stand at Wrigley Field on Friday night will cost you at least $1,900. To find a nosebleed seat, you’re going to pay $2,600.
ABC, citing several sports experts, said average ticket prices for these World Series games could cost more than the Super Bowl. The main difference – there’s only one Super Bowl, while the World Series is best-of-seven.
Cubs fan Tom Wilbeck said he’s willing to pay $20,000 for decent seats so he can take his dad.
“If you’re a Cubs fan and you’ve grown up and gone through what this whole city as Cubs fans has had to deal with, it’s not crazy,” Wilbeck told ABC.
For the Cubs, this is their chance to no longer be the punchline. With a World Series win, they could finally remove the clown suit.
So who’s going to win this World Series that somebody has to win? Please accept my apologies Indians fans, but I’m picking the Cubs.
The way I see it, Cleveland has run out of luck. LeBron James and the Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. The city played host to the Republican National Convention and got to see Donald Trump spew insults first hand. A World Series title would be too much for one town.
I see grace shifting and karmic powers aligning to finally sprinkle some love on the long-oppressed Cubs.