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This and That - A year in review

This time last year I was settling back in to being where I grew up. I have lived more years away than I did here. But I always called Warren County home.

Why is it in our youth that time seemed to drag so slowly and as we get older it seems to pass quickly? Nonetheless a year has come and gone. It seems so much has happened and changed in a blink of an eye.

I was ready to venture into my familiar but changed surroundings after a much-needed break from moving. A positive I quickly adjusted to is the traffic. I was able to get around without jams or using short cuts because of construction or wrecks. It wasn’t necessary to drive fast to prevent getting run over. My pace slowed down so I could enjoy my time and surroundings more than ever.

Over more time I have been lucky enough to reacquaint with friends I haven’t seen and make new ones as well. Friends are truly gifts. I miss the friends I left behind, but we make sure to stay in touch. Some have visited and plan on visiting again. I’ve only been back three times since I left. This will hopefully be remedied when things can be somewhat normal again.

Not many negatives have happened in the past year. The day before Thanksgiving I was side swiped by a deer when I was leaving Manchester. The ironic part was that I had to pull off Hwy. 55 to a street called Deer Path Road.  

Another negative is allergies. It seems my season for sneezin’ is all year now. I need to build up my immune system somehow. Until that happens there’s local honey and Zyrtec. 

I have missed doing displays and being creative in a three-dimensional way. Six months ago I went back to work and landed at the Southern Standard. It fit with my communications background and work experience, but in a unique way. I was creating something new with a clean slate. The possibilities of keep my mind spinning with ideas. It was the creativity I needed to replace what I used to do.

Now I am writing for the paper as well. I can be extremely private and keep things close to the vest unless I know or trust you. As a friend pointed out this has been a break-through moment where I can express myself. I am grateful for the opportunity. I have learned so much from so many. From week to week there is someone or something new to discover.

Lately I have felt like we have been in an extended hibernation. I have been looking forward to Spring only to find it limited. I’m glad to be home during this pandemic. The worry and concern for my family would have been so stressful if I wasn’t here. I look forward to us all being safe with our health and being stable with our livelihoods.

The year has been a wonderful new beginning. I am blessed. There’s no place like home.

Standard reporter Jennifer Woods can be reached at 473-2191.