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This and That - Bad time for no toilet paper

The talk of the coronavirus has been changing daily with different stats. It wasn’t going away and it seemed to get closer to my safe and incubated abode.

Things got more serious when last Friday I realized I was running low on some essentials. I haven’t had the time or the energy to go out and get these items sooner. Low and behold it was what I dreaded even in the best circumstances. A trip to the grocery store. It couldn't be put off any longer.

The toilet paper situation was not good. My normal supply was down to two rolls that were on their holders. Then the memes, jokes and news stories showed how the public was reacting to the virus by purchasing mass quantities of this highly desired product. I was tired but decided to go out and get the amount I normally purchase that night. No problem finding it at my local store. The roll rage had not hit them yet.

Fast forward to me going to the store again Monday evening because of all things I was out of coffee, creamer and low on pet food. (I really should keep a list so I won’t forget these things or get distracted by the other stuff I see once in the store.) Things in the store were gone and completely wiped out. It felt weird being there seeing this scene when snow wasn’t in the forecast. Luckily coffee was not affected and I got what I needed.

This got me to wonder about the what ifs should there be a possible shutdown or isolation period for us to be safe. What would I need versus what I would want. I almost had a survivalist mentality where just the basics were on my mind. Do I have enough food, medicines, liquids, soap, batteries, light bulbs, fuel and so on. Should I have bought dried beans, flour, potatoes and more bread? They were all gone. What do the other folks know that I haven’t thought of?

I’m trying not to overthink this odd scenario of a long-term time out. The self-distancing sounded like an introvert’s dream. Time to catch up on projects, rest and relaxation, but with choices. Now we may be faced with the potential of locking our lives down for necessity and not having a choice.

These are unprecedented times and I’m sure we are wondering what is going to happen. What we can be sure of is that we can try to do our best. Heed the advice. Use our common sense, keep washing our hands and disinfect our surroundings. After that we have to keep the faith that as a community we are prepared and have what we need to get through this together. Still be kind and thoughtful. I have a normal amount of squares to spare and some coffee if you need some. Hopefully it is enough.

Standard reporter Jennifer Woods can be reached at 473-2191.