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Tasting wine helps female college fund
Cathy Manis of Lynchburg Winery and Lane Yoder of Motlow State Community College teamed recently for a friendraising and fundraising event in Warren County. The event raised awareness and money for the college foundation that seeks to help female non-traditional students afford secondary education.

With the need great for single mothers and women who may not have taken the traditional path to post-secondary education, Motlow State Community College is seeking to help non-traditional, female students through a fund that has been established.
“It’s called the Motlow Ladies Philanthropic Society,” said Motlow College Foundation director Lane Yoder, noting the foundation was set up by former Motlow president Mary Lou Apple and is geared to helping women 23 and older. “It seeks to help non-traditional, female students.”
Motlow recently held a wine tasting event at Collins River BBQ on Main Street, inviting several local women to take part in what Yoder described as a “friend-raising” event which helped raise awareness and some money for the fund.
“There are many single moms and women who have aged out of getting financial aid,” said Yoder of what prompted the fund to be established. “Through this fund, it pays for 75 percent of their educational funding issues.”
Yoder added Motlow is composed of several campuses that work together.
“We are four campuses but one college,” Yoder said, adding the campuses work together to help the foundation. “We are dedicated to providing education to everyone.”
Yoder said Motlow employees put their money where their mouth is as over half of Motlow employees contribute to the college where they work.
“Some do it through payroll deductions,” Yoder noted.
Yoder said the foundation is very important to changing the lives of many women who might otherwise be left behind.
“At its core, Motlow College is about people,” Yoder said. “Our Foundation is also about people — funded by people, directed by people, serving people by providing financial resources. These financial resources are necessary to offer scholarships, support program development, and maintain first-rate facilities that will allow our students the opportunity to pursue careers in the programs of their choice. We are fortunate to have citizens in our service area who are genuine in their desire to serve others and who want to support the next generation's opportunities for success, happiness and benevolence.”
Yoder added Motlow is the first step in secondary education that many people will take and for others, it will be the only step they take.
“Motlow College serves many first generation college students who have limited financial and emotional support,” Yoder said. “Without clear direction and guidance, some students become overwhelmed by the process and are unable to seek assistance. We all lose when potential goes untapped. One of the goals of Motlow College is for students to graduate free of student loan debt and scholarship funds are essential in meeting this goal."
Anyone interested in contributing or learning about the foundation may go to and click on the “administration” tab which will then lead to the “Foundation” tab.