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Sock it to me
Dance held at Senior Center
1 Katy Sawyer Calvin Wallace
Senior Center regulars Katy Sawyer and Calvin Wallace share a dance at the Sock Hop held Thursday night at the McMinnville-Warren County Senior Center.

The sock hop got its name in the 1950s when students held dances at their schools, usually in the school gymnasium or cafeteria. The dancers were required to remove their hard-soled shoes to protect the varnished or waxed floors, thus dancing in their sock feet.
Visitors to the McMinnville-Warren County Senior Center didn’t remove their shoes to dance at the Sock Hop held at the facility Thursday.
With an abundance of poodle skirts, ankle socks, saddle shoes and rolled up jeans, a fun night was had by all, enjoying barbecue, hot dogs, popcorn and lots of dancing.
Music was provided by Going Country, a band consisting of several locals, as well as one member coming from Pikeville. Local vocalist Nolan Campbell wowed the crowd with his Elvis songs, with many ladies swooning and showering him with roses.
“The first time I ever heard an Elvis song was in 1954 or '55 while I was stationed in Berlin,” said Reed Poss. “I had never heard anything like it, and it made me wonder what was happening on the other side of the world.”
The sock hop was a fundraiser for the center, which is experiencing ongoing operation concerns generating funds to provide all the many services available for senior citizens.  With an operating budget of $157,000 per year, the facility doesn’t receive nearly enough funds to meet that goal.
“We have been running in the red since the fiscal year started,” said Senior Center chairman of the board Dennis Kronlage. “Our board is committed to keeping our doors open and addressing our problems, but we need the help of the community.”
Eighty-four-year-old Katy Sawyer didn’t miss many dances, even dancing one with Mayor Jimmy Haley.
“I love coming here,” said Sawyer. “When I’m dancing, I feel 48 instead of 84. It’s good for everyone to get out and have fun, and the center is the place for that.”
With close to 90 people attending the event, it was termed a success by treasurer Diane Bogle.
“The center is a wonderful facility for seniors, with many helpful services for them,” said center director Cheryl Mingle. “We are always planning fundraisers, and hope to include family events with good, clean fun in the future. We want folks to come by and see what we are doing here at the center.”