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PJ Day
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Learning House Preschool took a day off from the usual “get dressed and get ready for school” by encouraging students to come just as you are in the morning.
“We have pajama day once a year,” said director Maureen Gallagher, called Mrs. Moe by students and staff. “The suggestion has been made that we do this more often, because it is fun. Also, it makes life easier on the parents when the children don’t have to get changed in the morning.”
The day was scheduled to coincide with the inclement weather.
“It has been so cold and raining that the children can’t go outside,” said Gallagher. “We thought since they can’t go outside let’s make today a cozy, lazy day inside. It’s one sleepover.”
The preschoolers were encouraged to bring blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and toys to snuggle up with while watching “Hurray, It’s Valentine’s Day” by Dr. Seuss and eating a mess-free version of s’mores — small graham crackers, chocolate chips and small marshmallows, a s’mores party mix.
Mary Myers, 2, loves pajama day. She wore “Peanuts” pajamas, with her favorite character on them.
“I like PJs. I have a lot of them,” Mary said. When asked what her favor pajamas were, she added, “Lucy.”
Reagen Hitchcock says he borrowed his sleeping bag from his best friend.
“I borrowed this,” said. “I borrowed it from my best friend, Eli. I’m 4-years-old and he’s 3.”
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