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Irving College Carnival
School fundraiser provides night of food and fun
Elizabeth Johannsen, from left, Kayley Hallum, and Carly Chavez are excited to feed the goats provided by Party Animals.

A carnival-themed festival was presented at Irving College Elementary with hundreds of students and visitors attending on Friday. They participated in various games, some more challenging than others, enjoyed a petting zoo and rocked the many inflatables set up on the front lawn of the school. 
Principal Rachel Graves said, “Our parents have talked about having a carnival outside, and this year we decided to give it a go. We did not have a festival last year, so this time we had new parents and new ideas.”
The festival chairman April Rubley worked many hours organizing the parents and working with teachers to make it a success.
“April worked extremely hard getting everything prepared,” said Graves. “We had a wonderful event, beautiful weather and I'm so proud of our strong community support.”
In an effort to secure funds, students took donations for a ticket to win a kayak. Lucky Kirk Burnett’s ticket was chosen, therefore he is the new owner of a kayak. Auction excitement flared up on a few items, especially a student-made quilt from the third-grade class. The unique quilt featured photos of the students, and brought a hefty $400 at auction.
Everyone was drawn to the petting zoo provided by Party Animals’ owners Teresa Hinds and Carey Foster. They shared some of their animals, with the 6-week-old Artic fox possibly prompting the most inquiries. The three adorable pups have been sold to individuals and will be family pets.
“We have an Artic fox breeding service with our pair, and are able to provide this service,” said Hinds. “These little ones are going to Arkansas, Michigan and Chattanooga.”
They also brought Jacob’s sheep, pygmy, nubian and la mancha goats, lion head rabbits and an African spotted tortoise.
Guests enjoyed a meal in the school cafeteria, and other carnival snacks, including cotton candy. 
The school is experiencing the last leg of its huge addition process, which will include a new gymnasium, classrooms and a renovation project. 
“The exterior will be finishing this month, and when school is out, they will start the interior,” said Graves. “We are very excited and happy with the project, and will be happy to return to school in August to a new atmosphere.”
According to the PTO’s projected plans, they hope to provide a covered pavilion on the new playground of the school.