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The greatest showmen
Fair-Black Cow & kid.jpg
Five-year-old John Sawyer Moore grasps the halter for G-Baby, his 2,000-pound Holstein cow, during the Pee Wee Showmanship category at the fair. - photo by Lacy Garrison

Rhett Grey Alexander, 2, and John Sawyer Moore, 5, stood at the fence in the Cattle Barn eagerly awaiting to show their cows in the Pee Wee Showmanship group at the Warren County A&L Fair.

They were among 19 young participants in the category open to anyone third grade and below. Each child received a participation trophy.

“It’s a way to introduce kids to animals and showmanship, as well as to expose people to agricultural activities,” said barn superintendent Regan Kelsey.

A good showman has their animal well-fitted, groomed and trained. The showman should exhibit proper display and knowledge of their animal, respectfulness to the judge, and is cleanly dressed in the proper attire.

The boys, along with the other handlers, lined up their cows and walked them in a circle.  

With the help of dad Michael, John Sawyer led G-Baby, his 2,000-pound Holstein cow around by her halter. 

“Look Momma, she’s drooling,” said John Sawyer with a huge grin. He managed to avoid getting any of her spittle on his overalls.

Behind John Sawyer, Rhett led a calf named Buttercup, owned by A.J. Teal. Rhett lives on a cattle farm as his family raises Black Angus beef cattle so he’s around cows a lot.

“He has always showed interest in farm equipment and especially cows,” said mom Ashley Alexander. “We hope to continue showing cows for many years and as Rhett gets older he can participate in programs such as 4-H and FFA.”

Added Allison Moore, “For John Sawyer, the dairy show is the highlight of his fair experience. He is already discussing which cows he will show next year.”

The show took place Tuesday at the fair.