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Is that a joke? Oscar mix-up leads to funny memes, tweets
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — The best picture Oscar blunder prompted snickering from Ryan Gosling and a cascade of politically tinged jokes on Twitter, with some even declaring Hillary Clinton the winner.
Billy Crystal tweeted : "Amazing ending. Wish that had happened on Election Day." Seth MacFarlane chimed in : "You know what the problem is -- millions of Academy members voted illegally."
The sarcasm started after "La La Land" was wrongly announced as the best picture winner. The actual winner was "Moonlight," drawing a giggle from Gosling, who was on stage with the "La La Land" cast when the real winner was announced.
Memes using the Oscar winner envelope held up by "La La Land" producer Jordan Horowitz were edited to instead show titles of films that have garnered little attention from the Academy, including "Ernest Goes to Camp" and "Space Jam."
Other memes showed the popular vote totals for the recent U.S. presidential election, with Clinton tallying more ballots than President Donald Trump. Another displayed a photo of Russian President Vladmir Putin, comically suggesting there was some sort of hacking involved in what's become known as #envelopegate and #oscarsfail.
The sports world dished out a few of its own jabs at the expense of the Oscars snafu. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweeted : "Derek Zoolander is smiling somewhere." And the Twitter account for the Oklahoma City Thunder repeated the final score of their win Sunday night, saying #nochange