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Bonner FCEC
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Bonner FCE Club met on June 5 in the 4-H room.  Teresa Priestley called the meeting to order by welcoming seven members and visitors Sharon Bennett, Hilda Lytle and Madison Blessing.  Devotional was given by Brenda Mitchell, reading from the book “God’s Little Devotional Book” and the subject was God plus one is always a majority. Members then stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Donna Dunlap read the minutes from the May meeting and Linda Nixon gave the club's financial report.
County agent Lytle gave a report titled "Eat Well-Live Well." She shared facts about hydration and how dehydration affects the body.  We should drink half our body's weight in water in ounces each day. If you sweat a lot you should consume more. She prepared water using cucumbers and citrus fruits to share with the group.
Lisa Kenner, our environmental leader, gave her training she got at her meeting. We should keep our homes dry and ventilated, and we should have carbon monoxide monitors in our homes.
She gave us a handout “Household Product Database.”
A reading report was given by Mitchell.
Priestley gave everyone a name and address of a military person for us to send a card to.   The Bloodmobile was manned by members, Nixon, Mitchell, Irene Fuston and Lisa Keener.
Dairy Day was a success, with many bringing dishes for the contest.
 The county council will be meeting on June 18, with everyone wearing patriotic colors. We also donated items to the Fisher House. The meal was purnished by members of the Hickory Creek Club.
Fuston will be attending  Family Life Leaders Training on June 27 in the 4-H room.
Our next meeting will be on July 3 at 11 a.m. at the home of Linda Nixon. 
We are to bring a sack lunch, with Priestley and Nixon bring desserts.
We updated our gold stars.
Members recited the FCE Creed to close the meeting. 
Some of the members went to Wendy’s for a meal and time of fellowship.