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Some tips for a healthier dad
Heart doctor at River Park.jpg
Ascension Saint Thomas River Park cardiologist Dr. Edward Rhim is pictured with his wife Wendy and their four children, Evan, 9, Luke, 5, and twins Isaac and Olivia, 7 months.

What’s a great gift for Fathers Day?

Convincing dad to take better care of himself.

Ascension Saint Thomas River Park cardiologist Dr. Edward Rhim says a few easy steps can make a mountain of difference when it comes to maintaining good health. As a father himself, Dr. Rhim says it’s important to make adjustments as your life changes.

“When I became a dad, I began looking at myself differently,” said Dr. Rhim, who has been seeing patients in McMinnville for 11 years. “I didn’t have a primary care physician and that’s a transition you really should make because you need to have a primary care physician. That’s an important first step.”

When talking about steps, walking is an easy way to upgrade health. Dr. Rhim says a moderately paced walk of 30-45 minutes at least five times a week is a benefit to heart health.

“I like to walk a little faster than I walk down the tool aisle at Lowe’s,” said Dr. Rhim.

In general, it’s best to avoid a diet heavy on animal products in favor of one that’s more plant-based. Whole foods are better than those which are processed.

“It’s important to stress that you don’t have to be perfect,” said Dr. Rhim. “I will cheat every now and then too and enjoy a tenderloin and cheese biscuit from The Smoke Shop on Sparta Street. I’m not ashamed to admit they are absolutely delicious.”

Smoking is a major cause of heart disease and Dr. Rhim encourages anyone who smokes to quit immediately.

“One thing that longtime smokers come to realize is that smoking is taking more from them than the pleasure they’re getting from it,” said Dr. Rhim.

He says another problem he sees is many hard-working Warren County residents don’t want to make the small time commitment necessary for a doctor’s appointment.

“They’re busy working on the farm all day, but they won’t take a few minutes once a year for an annual checkup,” said Dr. Rhim. “You have got to take care of yourself. Medical problems don’t have to define you. You can keep doing what you want to do.”