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Longtime eyesore slated for renovation
Wingate & Nunley new location.jpg
Wingate & Nunley LLC is in the process of renovating this building on the corner of Garfield Street and West End Avenue for its new headquarters. A ballpark timeline has the company moving in about two months from now.

The building at the corner of Garfield Street and West End Avenue has been an eyesore for as long as most everyone can remember.

Brandon Wingate and Jason Nunley plan to change that.

The two have purchased the property and plan to make it the new headquarters of Wingate & Nunley LLC. They expect to have the building renovated and move-in ready in about two months.

“We’re going to put another building on this property, a warehouse,” said Jason. “We’re trying to up the appearance of this. We’re going to redo the inside and make it look better on the outside.”

Nunley said the company specializes in making property look better. He says the goal is to enhance the aesthetic beauty of Warren County and they’ve accomplished that at a number of locations.

“We do commercial and residential remodeling,” said Jason. “One of the main things we do is buy estates. Say you’ve had a death in the family and you’ve been left with a home, but you don’t know what to do with it. We can buy it, remodel it, and make it look a whole lot better. Then we can resell it for a higher price so it helps everyone involved.”

Nunley said they have bought dilapidated apartments that weren’t worth living in, made renovations, and turned the property into a nice place for local residents to call home. He says everyone in the community benefits when that happens.

Other renovation projects are in store around the community as Wingate & Nunley looks to get more active.

If you see activity on the corner of Garfield and West End, it’s the folks at Wingate & Nunley getting the property ready for their upcoming move.