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High Funeral Home getting new sign
High Funeral Home directors Brandon Harris, front, and Mickey Ralph watch as Mt. View Cemetery owner Ronald Lewis gets the spot ready for the funeral home's new sign.
The new High Funeral Home sign will be placed at the front corner of the building.

High’s Inc. is adding a new sign that specifically states the service it offers. 

“You may be wondering why, after almost 100 years, we need a sign that says High Funeral Home or why, after 100 years, we don’t have one,” said funeral director Brandon Harris. “We’ve had a sign on the side of the building since 1969 that simply says High’s. We have an illuminated sign at the entrance to our parking lot that simply says High’s.”

While those signs work for local folks, Harris says people from other communities become confused in their attempt to find the funeral home and pass right by the building. 

“We have a lot of out-of-town visitors, even on a daily basis. They don’t know what High’s is. Everybody in McMinnville who has been here for any amount of time knows what High’s is. If they aren’t and they see a sign that just says High’s and not funeral home, they pass right by us.” 

Harris came before McMinnville Historic Zoning Commission members requesting approval to place a freestanding solid black granite sign at the corner of Morford and College streets. It will be approximately 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall.

“We wanted something big enough for when people come in on Morford Street or from Main Street and pull up in front of the post office, they will see it,” said Harris. “We have a light in the planter already. It will be illuminated with a floodlight. We plan on doing some landscaping around it like we have done along the side of the building.” 

Historic Zoning Commission members unanimously approved the request.