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Final week of Georgia Peach Peddler sales
Peach Peddler girls
Macie and Brooklyn Newby are pictured at the Georgia Peach Peddler stand at Plaza Shopping Center.

Many McMinnville residents and people across the state have raved about the Georgia peaches from Fitzgerald Fruit Farms in Woodbury, Ga. 

The Peach Peddler has been selling these peaches at McMinnville’s Plaza Shopping Center, and this is the final week of the year for McMinnville residents to purchase Georgia peaches straight from the farm.

The Georgia Peach Peddler will have a limited number of Georgia peaches this Wednesday through Sunday, or until they sell out. Brooklyn Newby has operated the stand, and she says many customers have returned and said, “These are the best-tasting peaches.”  

The peaches are available in three sizes. There is a 3-pound bag for $10, an 8-9-pound box for $25, and a 25-pound box for $45. These peaches are excellent for eating, freezing, and canning. 

Sean Lennon, owner of Fitzgerald Fruit Farms, explained how the peaches are picked. Lennon said, “We pick them by color and size at the height of their sweetness. We had plenty of rain this year and great growing conditions. All of our peaches were grown on peach trees from nurseries in McMinnville.”

The Georgia Peach Peddler is giving 10% of every purchase to Give Back Team. Give Back Team is a program in which high school athletes work once a month on a community project. 

This fall, Give Back Team will be working to help Kids of the Community, Meals on Wheels, and people who need help in McMinnville.

Take advantage of the last opportunity to get sweet Georgia peaches straight from Fitzgerald Fruit Farms at the Georgia Peach Peddler at McMinnville’s Plaza Shopping Center. 

The supply is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

You can be guaranteed peaches by purchasing them online at