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Business Pulse - Garretson rocks on with sales yard
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Frank Garretson has been selling decorative rock for 20 years. He will begin selling to the public for the first time at his new sales yard in Summitville, set to open Sept. 1.

Long live rock!

Or in Frank Garretson’s case, long live rock, field stone, masonry sand, and beech pebbles.

Frank has been in the decorative rock business for 20 years and he’s opening a massive sales yard in Summitville called Garretson Stone And More. He’s getting the 6-acre lot stocked now in preparation for the Sept. 1 grand opening.

“All the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve just been on the wholesale side of it,” said Frank. “With more people staying home and doing home projects due to COVID, this is one of the best years I’ve ever had. I’m selling it by the pallet, the ton or the pound. This will be something entirely new because I’ve never sold straight to the public.”

As a guy who puts an emphasis on landscaping at my own home, I can give a personal testimonial to how decorative rocks can add an extra pop to your yard. Frank’s got just about anything you could ever want when it comes to rocks, from small pebbles to large boulders that require a machine to lift they’re so big.

He has five different types of limestone, mulch, railroad ties, straw, pine straw, and large slabs that can be used as steps or for patios.

“Since I harvest most of this myself, I’ll have lower prices than anybody else,” said Frank. “If you want to buy in bulk, you can buy it by the dumptruck load. I think this will be a draw. I’m hoping to attract people from Tullahoma, Manchester, Sparta, Warren County, maybe even Nashville. I’d like to pull from everywhere.”

Since rock is extremely heavy and most homeowners don’t have a vehicle capable of carrying more than 1-2 tons, Frank is working on delivery options. He wants to accommodate customers as best he can.

Garretson Stone And More is located on Manchester Highway in Summitville. As you’re heading to Manchester, it’s on the left-hand side of the highway right before you get to the old Last Chance Saloon. 

Frank has been renting the property for years and says it’s a high-visibility spot. For more information, call (931) 954-6090.

MPC Signs

Gains attention

MPC Signs has very quietly been in business for decades. Now the company is under the ownership of Marty Powers and Michael Chrisawn and the two are looking for a little more publicity.

“We’re the best-kept secret in Warren County,” said Chrisawn, who may be best known for being Chamber of Commerce president in town for the entire 1990s.

Marty said the company has never done any local advertising, although it has done several projects around town.

These projects include signs outside Homeland Community Bank, Family Care Clinic, Billy’s Restaurant, First United Methodist Church, and Eastside School.

“I’ve seen a lot of signs going up around town that we didn’t do,” said Marty. “We probably could have saved them a lot of money, but then again, they probably didn’t know we are here and that’s our fault. We sell as many signs in Pennsylvania as we do in Tennessee.”

If MPC Signs wants publicity, it’s come to the right place. Here at Business Pulse, we’re proud to promote local businesses and do everything we can to help them succeed. No other entity has done more for small businesses in Warren County over the past 20 years than Business Pulse.

MPC Signs is an interesting operation. Located off Sparta Street, it’s capable of doing virtually any type of sign – and this includes the new digital signs which are becoming popular.

The company’s bread and butter, or in this case crackers and grape juice, has long been church signs of all types.

“Probably 99% of everything we’ve done over the past 30 years has been church signs,” said Marty. “Now we’re trying to venture out.”

Part of that is due to necessity because the COVID pandemic has really had an adverse effect on church services. Many services have been canceled while attendance has been down across the country as people try to avoid large gatherings. As a result, church-related work has diminished.

That’s not a problem because MPC Signs can make any sign for any business. Another big seller is individual letters that are used to convey messages in changeable signs. Marty says those letters are the company’s No. 1 item.

“You can go on the internet and buy the letters just about anywhere online,” said Marty. “But wherever you buy them, they’re going to be coming from us.”

Design work and fabrication are done in-house and any type of graphic work or design can be placed on a sign. Signs are shipped out daily and usually take about 3-4 weeks to complete.

“Our signs are sturdy,” said Marty. “I have a picture that’s kind of sad because a church was torn down by a tornado in the background, but you can see our sign still standing there in the foreground. They can withstand winds of 130 mph.”

To get in contact with MPC Signs, the number is 473-1016. The website is

Quick Shop 

Adding tenant

When Bhumik Patel built his shiny new gas station in Morrison, he put Which Wich on one side and hoped to land another franchise restaurant for the other side. I think everyone was hoping he could recruit a McDonald's.

Bhumik really pitched the space to Dunkin Donuts in hopes a deal could be reached. That would have been cool.

“What it comes down to is they don’t want to mess around with a little town like us,” said Bhumik when asked about his negotiations with Dunkin Donuts. “I talked to several different people there and we don’t have a large enough population here. That’s what it comes down to.”

Since Which Wich sells food, and Quick Shop has a hot bar that’s becoming increasingly popular, Bhumik didn’t see the need to put another restaurant in that spot which would compete with the other two. So he’s decided to go a different route.

That route is a smoke shop, CBD and hemp store.

“I wish I could open this month, but now I have less than 10 days for that to happen so it will probably be next month,” said Bhumik.

So if you notice activity taking place at the vacant store to the left of Quick Shop, and wonder what it will be, the new tenant is going to be a smoke shop.

Dakota Doors

Nears completion

Driving by from the road, the new Dakota Doors building on Manchester Highway looks complete. So I stopped in Friday morning and chatted with owner Ron Spitzer and he pointed out the building is not ready just yet.

“We’re probably still another 60 to 90 days away,” said Ron.

Dakota Doors is still operating from its longtime facility that’s also on Manchester Highway but much closer to McMinnville. The new building is like a castle and it’s located near the Coffee County line. Ron says he’s thrilled to have all the room and he doesn’t feel bottled in.

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