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Zoning change could clear way for new Hardee's
A Hardee's representative told city officials Tuesday a zoning change to the restaurant's back parking lot will allow the chain to build a new store at that spot.
Hardee’s is looking to address longstanding traffic issues by demolishing its existing building and replacing it with one that’s better configured to accommodate more vehicles in its parking lot, if a rezoning request made to the city is accepted.“I would like to take a few minutes to talk about what our plans are going to be, if we can get this zoned commercial, to alleviate some of the concerns,” said Don Campbell, who is the construction project manager for corporate Hardee’s, to members of the city’s McMinnville Regional Planning Commission on Tuesday.According to Campbell, the plan is to completely demolish the exiting building and construct one that is a “reverse image” which will move the drive-thru window to the opposite side of the building and move the order stations and speaker posts from the back of the property to the front of the property.The switch will increase the number of vehicles that can be waiting in the drive-thru line by an additional 20 vehicles and lessen the noise heard by residential neighbors behind the business. “From what I understand, there are concerns about traffic backing out into the street causing traffic congestion and the possibility of accidents,” said Campbell. “This plan will virtually eliminate that by having an additional 20-car stack above what we have now.