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Youth leadership class graduate
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The McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce graduated its 2012-13 Youth Leadership class on Monday. Upcoming high school juniors can apply in May to be in the next class.
“It was a wonderful experience,” said Shelby Newman, a member of the graduating class. “Youth Leadership is more than just another high school club. As members I, and 17 other juniors, had the opportunity to travel all across Warren County learning about our community and the people who lead us.”
Along with Newman, graduating class members are Maxine Bouldin, Graylin Brock, Kayla Brown, Kailyn Cantrell, Tyler Cantrell, Erica Cantrell, Ben Gawel, Lance Kelley, Mindy King, Caleb Lance, Amber Neu, Elizabeth Oxley, Newby Parton, Haley Sanders, Allison Smith, Lesley Sweeton, and Lauren Wilson.
Members spent one day a month visiting various leaders in city and county governments, River Park Hospital, A&L Fair Board and Warren County Sheriff’s Department. The students toured the jail and participated in group leadership activities.
In March, the class traveled to the state capitol in Nashville with the adult leadership group to meet some of Tennessee’s representatives and learn how our state-level government operates.
The class is open to upcoming juniors only.
Newman says there is an unseen benefit to the class.
“It looks really good on a college application to be in this class,” Newman said. “To be included in the class, you have to be a leader and willing to learn leadership qualities. Colleges are looking for leaders.”
Tennessee Tech, which Newman hopes to attend for a bachelor’s degree in computers, will also be looking at her 4.0 GPA.
“After I obtain my bachelors degree at Tennessee Tech, I want to continue my education in New York toward achieving a master’s degree in computer game design,” Newman said.
Applications for upcoming juniors will be available in May and can be obtained by visiting WCHS 11th grade principal Monti Hillis, the Chamber on Court Square, or the Chamber’s website at
For more information, call the Chamber at 473-6611.