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Young indicted for throwing knives
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A man has been indicted for felony assault after he allegedly threw knives at another man.
The defendant, Christopher Tyler Young, 27, has been indicted by the grand jury on the charge of aggravated assault. The crimes carries a punishment of three to six years in prison.
His indictment comes after the victim in the case, Charles Ferrell, maintained the man showed up at his Kayla Lane home and tried to enter.
“He (Young) was looking for his wife,” the warrant against Young reads. “They had been in an argument in their home earlier in the evening.”
Young tried to enter through the front door of Ferrell’s home, according to the indictment, to search for his wife. Ferrell’s intervention did not sit well with Young as he reportedly sought retribution for being turned away at the door.
“When he stopped Mr. Young at the door, Mr. Young threatened to kill him,” the warrant reads. “He then threw two knives at Mr. Ferrell. Mr. Young then picked up a chair and struck Mr. Ferrell in the hand.”
The victim said the onslaught was not over as Young showed his contempt one more time before leaving the premises.
“As Mr. Young was leaving, he threw a large concrete block at Mr. Ferrell,” the warrant concludes.