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Wright caught on surveillance camera stealing from Walmart cash register
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A Walmart employee who stole several hundred dollars from her employer has been hit with five counts of theft.
The former employee, Ashley N. Wright, 25, of Smithville was charged with the five misdemeanor counts of theft after Walmart security took out warrants against her for the string of embezzlement claims, some of which were caught on surveillance camera.
According to Walmart loss prevention agent Kim Hillis, Wright was a garden center cashier and would take money from her position behind the cashier counter. The money she was accused of taking was spirited away after she would collect it from customers.
“She placed the $100 bill in the cash register and then, after the customer departed, removed it, concealing it in her hand,” Hillis swore in one of the theft warrants against Wright.
Security records then showed the register was short.
“A register check at the end of the day confirmed the register was $100 short,” Hillis noted, adding video evidence completed the case against Hillis. “The incident is on Walmart video tape.”
Faced with the evidence which is similar for all five thefts, Wright reportedly confessed.
“Ms. Wright would later give a written statement admitting the theft of the money,” Hillis said, noting the thefts included amounts of $100 each time.
The Ashley Wright charged is not the same one who works at River Park and Ashley’s Attic.