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Woman says her dog killed by glass shards
She wants person responsible brought to justice
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Havron Street resident Mary Driver is seeking information leading to the arrest of the individual who is killing animals in her neighborhood, including her dog.
“Buddy was like my baby,” said Driver. “He wouldn’t hurt anyone. Everyone loved him. I miss him so much. This is just heartbreaking. I’ve been crying all morning. I would like to know who did it and why they did it. It’s senseless and cruel to kill an animal like this. I’ve been sitting by his gravesite all morning, just crying.”
Buddy, a 6-year-old poodle, was humanely euthanized by a veterinarian Thursday morning after consuming hamburger meat laced with shards of glass.
“He started throwing up and passing a lot of blood,” said Driver. “We tried to find a vet, but we could not get one. This morning, we took him to Dr. Malone’s and he said Buddy needed to be put down. I asked about surgery. He said Buddy had lost too much blood and there was little hope of him surviving surgery. We agreed to have him put down. We took him to Amy Everett and she did it.”
Driver believes Buddy ingested the substance the day before.
“I think he ate it yesterday,” she said on Thursday. “My husband went outside and Buddy followed him. We saw him eating something off the ground. By the time we got to him, he had already eaten it. We didn’t think anything about it until he started throwing up and passing blood. Why would someone do such a thing? It’s cruel. Buddy died a horrible death. He suffered.”
Driver says she contacted McMinnville Police Department but the crime will likely go unsolved without help.
“Without information, the person who did this will keep right on doing it,” said Driver. “The lady next door, her cat was killed like my Buddy. This just isn’t right. I would like a chance to ask the person why they did it.”
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact McMinnville Police Department at 473-3808. Driver is offering a monetary reward.