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Woman gets diversion for stealing ice cream
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A woman trying to beat the balmy summer heat by swiping ice cream from the frozen food section at Walmart was granted probation.The defendant, Tawanna Shaniece Pleasant, 18, was granted a six-month judicial diversion by General Sessions Judge Larry Ross on the charge of shoplifting. She must make $7 restitution to pay for the ice cream and can have her record erased provided she does not get in any more trouble during the next six months.She was arrested after she tried to exit Walmart without paying for two half-gallons of ice cream last week.“She was observed selecting two half-gallons of ice cream and concealing those in her purse, then passing the last point of sale without attempting to pay for the items,” said Joni Summers of Walmart in her warrant against Pleasant.Pleasant, in entering guilty pleas before Judge Ross, admitted to her crime, noting she was wanting ice cream on the hot day but did not have money to pay for it. Judge Ross questioned the logic of concealing ice cream in her purse on the day which saw the high reach around 90 degrees, wondering if the ice cream would turn to milk before she had a chance to eat it.