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Woman darts from courthouse
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A woman who failed a drug test bolted from the courtroom Wednesday afternoon, leading officers on a foot chase through downtown McMinnville.The escapee, Bethany Stoner, was captured by pursuing officers near Ben Lomand on Chancery Street, less than a half-mile from the scene of her escape from Warren County Courthouse. Escape charges are pending against Stoner, who already faces violation of probation charges on her prior convictions on charges of delivery of drugs.According to witnesses, Stoner darted out the back door of the circuit courtroom after learning she was going to be sent to jail by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley pending her probation hearing Aug. 8. The announcement of her incarceration came after she failed a court-ordered drug test administered at the courthouse by probation officials.It was then Stoner ran toward the back door and pushed it open, scampered down the steps, ran through the hall, and darted out the back door.