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Woman charged with stealing $50,000 lottery ticket from ex
Kimberly Milstead
A woman faces felony theft charges after she allegedly cashed in her ex-husband’s winning lottery ticket for $50,000 and then went on a spending spree before getting caught. However, she says she is being falsely accused as it was her money that bought the lottery ticket.The woman, Kimberly Milstead, was named in a sealed indictment handed down by the Warren County grand jury. She is charged with theft over $10,000, a felony, meaning she could land in prison if convicted.The chain of events that led to her indictment began at the Raceway Market in Sparta on Oct. 23 when the alleged rightful owner of the ticket, Jeff Smartt, stopped there as he and his ex-wife were on their way to Gatlinburg for the weekend.“He can be seen walking into the store and purchasing the tickets alone,” said police detective Todd Rowland, who reviewed surveillance film from the store.