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Woman charged for running cars off road
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A woman coming back from Last Chance Saloon faces felony charges after another motorist followed her home after she nearly ran him off the road.
The suspect, Natalie F. Boyd, 34, is charged with three felony counts of reckless endangerment and will face preliminary hearing in general sessions court July 13.
She is charged after she ran a man off Highway 55 (Manchester Highway). The victim said he was traveling in the correct lane when Boyd’s Nissan Maxima traveled into his lane of traffic and nearly hit him head-on.
“He was forced into the emergency lane by the vehicle,” said reporting deputy Steve McMillen. “So he turned on his vehicle’s flashers, turned around and followed the vehicle.”
The motorists called 911 to report the reckless driver as he followed her. She continued traveling from roughly Prater’s BBQ to the intersection with Country Club Market. Along the way she ran another vehicle off the road near Walker Nursery.
She continued on the highway, according to the witness, until she turned into a long gravel driveway. She parked in a carport in front of a residence in Smartt Station. Deputies found her car parked there when they arrived. The motorists who had followed Boyd after being run off the road pointed them to where she had parked.
“The engine was still running,” McMillen noted. “The Nissan had run into a table in the carport.”
When Boyd came to the door, she admitted she may have done a little drinking earlier.
“She admitted driving the car back from Last Chance Saloon (in Coffee County) where she admitted she had a couple of drinks,” McMillen said.
The deputy noted Boyd could have hit someone head-on by driving on the wrong side of the four-lane highway.
“Her actions endangered the life of the driver and his passenger.” McMillen said.
The three felony counts are for two people in one vehicle and one person in another.