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Woman apparently drinks vaporizer fluid
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A woman has been charged with drunk driving after lawmen pulled her over and discovered she was drinking Vicks vaporizer fluid.“The driver had an alcohol smell on her breath and appeared intoxicated and unsteady on her feet,” said Highway Patrolman Gary Myers of his traffic stop of Susan E. Jacobs which came on suspicion of drunk driving.Trooper Myers said he saw her driving recklessly.“The vehicle was traveling from one side of the road to the other,” Myers said. “It traveled around two curves on the wrong side of the road.”Myers noted after pulling her over and discovering her apparent intoxicated condition he learned the woman had been drinking a mixed drink, but not any ordinary mixed drink.“She had a mixed drink in a Sundrop bottle,” Myers said. “She stated it was Vicks vaporizer.”While products like Vicks VapoSteam liquid do contain alcohol, 78 percent in this case, lawmen admit it is unusual to catch someone drinking Vicks as an intoxicant.