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Woman, 28, stabbed to death
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A DeKalb County woman was stabbed to death by her live-in boyfriend Thursday inside their Smithville home, law enforcement officials say.
The victim, Ashley Bain, 28, was found dead inside the home Thursday afternoon just before 3 p.m. She had been stabbed numerous times in the upper body. Investigators are unsure how long she had been dead. However, she was seen alive earlier in the day, suggesting she was slain sometime late morning or early afternoon Thursday.
While not living here at the time of her death, Bain attended school in Warren County and has family members who currently live here.
Her alleged killer, Anthony “Tony” Crews, 42, has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held under $250,000 bond at DeKalb County Jail pending a preliminary hearing this Thursday. He was arrested Thursday night.
According to DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray, the woman’s body was found on the floor of a bedroom inside the Cookeville Highway residence they shared. The residence is located just north of Smithville. Bain’s body was found by authorities after they were summoned to the residence by Crews. He claimed he had walked in and found his girlfriend’s knife-wound-riddled body.
Investigators soon determined Crews was lying and he was making up a story to cover his own involvement in the murder. He was arrested once his story fell apart.
Ray said lawmen think they know the motive for the killing but they are not releasing that information yet. The knife used in the murder was recovered from the scene.
The second-degree murder charge means authorities believe Crews “intentionally and know-ingly” killed the victim. They have not claimed the murder was premeditated. However, charges could be increased later in the process if more information comes to light. Second-degree murder carries 15 to 25 years in prison.
Bain is related to the Cleveland Bain family of DeKalb County, known locally for their work in the contracting business. At the time of the murder, Crews was facing charges here in Warren County on a traffic violation.