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With holidays near, time to write heroes
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The American Red Cross is asking everyone to help brighten the holidays for servicemen and women by filling out cards for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.
Red Cross representative Saundra Williams said, “Every year at this time the Red Cross asks people to make or sign Christmas cards to send to active-duty servicemen, veterans hospitals and military families to honor them. Veterans Day is Nov. 11, but we will collect cards until Nov. 22 to be sent to the servicemen to honor them and show appreciation for their sacrifice.”
Magness Library on 118 West Main Street and all three Security Federal Bank offices, 306 West Main Street, 1017 New Smithville Highway and 5839 Manchester Highway, have agreed to be a collection spot for the cards. Use one of the pre-made cards available at the library, purchase a card, or make your own card to send.
“We are asking everyone, especially churches and pre-schools to participate,” said Williams. “They love receiving cards from kids. Come write a note of appreciation and drop it in the box. Any touch of home is greatly appreciated. If anyone has ever been deployed or has been in college, they know mail from home means a lot.”
Children are encouraged to make cards for the soldiers in the children’s library section of Magness Library and drop them in the collection box.
Kroger is also participating by having employees furnish cards which can be signed by customers and dropped in a box at the grocery store located at 1410 Sparta Highway.
 Card guidelines:
• All cards must be signed.
• Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.”
• Only cards are accepted. Do not send letters.
• Do not include email or home address on the cards.
• Do not include inserts of any kind, including photos and gifts.
• Do not use glitter because cards may end up at the bedside of a wounded service member and glitter can aggravate existing health issues.
• Each card does not need its own envelope as envelopes will be removed from all cards before distribution.