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Wilcher says he's not like brother
Blaine Wilcher
Blaine Wilcher says don't assume he's just like his brother, Michael Shane Wilcher.
With new County Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher coming to office like a house afire, his older brother, Blaine Wilcher, also a county commissioner now serving his second term, hopes the public can make a differentiation between the two.“I love my brother, but we are two different people,” said Blaine, a 4th District Commissioner. He says confusion has been rampant since his brother was elected in August to serve as 3rd District Commissioner. “We represent two separate districts," said Blaine.Michael Shane, who won his way into office by beating incumbent George Smartt after using a water heater as his prop to draw attention to what he believes is government’s abuse of power, has taken aim at judicial commissioner Jimmy Griffith after he signed a warrant against him which led to his arrest.