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Who changed city documents?
Shown is the unaltered and altered versions of the donation amount for Magness Library.
Who altered records about a donation from the city of McMinnville to Magness Library for fiscal year 2012-13? An investigation is ongoing.According to Mayor Jimmy Haley in an email to Betty Jo Jarvis, director of Stones River Regional Library, official records were changed to make it appear the city increased its maintenance of effort (MOE) contribution to the library from $48,000 to $70,000.“As you know, this library issue has become controversial,” Haley said. “I am concerned about the cut in funding, but I assure you that the documentation for last year’s MOE was altered by someone before it was submitted.”Haley was responding to a letter from Jarvis dated Sept. 16 that questioned the city’s donation reduction to the library from $70,000 last year to $48,000 this year.