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Wells wants to keep county's momentum
County Executive Herschel Wells says seeing a new National Guard Armory come to fruition is among his plans as he begins his four-year term.

Recently elected County Executive Herschel Wells Sr., says he’s ready to keep Warren County moving forward as he begins his four-year term as the county’s top government official.
Wells succeeds John Pelham, who served two terms. His term began Sept. 1.
Wells was previously a county commissioner for the 12th District for 12 years. He served as chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee and the Jail Oversight Committee. He won the general election in a landslide, garnering more than double the votes of his nearest opponent.
A lifelong resident of Warren County, Wells is a Navy veteran and his career in the construction industry spanned more than four decades.
Says Wells, “I was a county commissioner for 12 years. In those 12 years we accomplished a great deal. We’ve got jobs, we’ve got factories, we’ve built schools. I want to keep the county moving forward. I ran to continue the progress in Warren County.”
Wells stresses the importance of education. Upcoming projects will fund an addition at Irving College School, renovate the gym at Bobby Ray Elementary, and build a new Wellness Center at WCHS.
“We’ll keep pushing education,” said Wells. “We’ve funded those schools $4.9 million for those three projects.”
Wells wants to press forward with plans for a new National Guard Armory, for which the land has already been purchased. He also wants to promote industrial recruiting and expand the existing workforce with different agencies and through the school system.
Wells looks forward to working with the incoming county commissioners.
“We have 14 coming back that I’ve served with and we’ve got 10 new ones. I think we have some good commissioners coming in. I know we’ve got some good ones that are already there.”
The transition from Pelham to Wells was relatively painless. Pelham helped to smooth the changeover by ensuring Wells was well prepared to assume ongoing projects and take over the reins of the position. The switch was also eased by retaining administrative assistant Carol Cantrell, who worked with Pelham during his eight years.