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WCHS tries to win $100,000
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After winning $25,000 last year, Warren County High School is trying for even more money this year in a State Farm promotion called Celebrate My Drive.
Warren County received one of the 90 prizes of $25,000, and is seeking one of the 10 big paydays of $100,000 this year. Two schools in Wilson County were recipients of $100,000 last year.
“In our first year, our students, faculty and community worked hard to win one of the $25,000 prizes at the silver level. This year we’re going for the gold,” said WCHS representative Paddi Smith, who is spearheading Celebrate My Drive efforts at the high school.
“We learned from some of the things we did last year and we’ve made some adjustments,” said State Farm agent Neil Helton.
Warren County is launching its Celebrate My Drive efforts Monday night at the Warren County A&L Fair. During the Fairest of the Fair competition, fair visitors will be asked to provide their email addresses to State Farm representatives in attendance. Once the email address is provided, WCHS students will use it to vote daily to save the person the trouble.
“We will have a red State Farm tent set up near the grandstand,” said State Farm agent Bill Zechman.  “We’re asking our fellow citizens to allow us to click in their votes with Celebrate My Drive. We think this would be more convenient for those who wish to see our high school win one of the big cash prizes.  It also ensures every email address is voted every day during the contest period.”
Anyone else who wants to vote once a day for Celebrate My Drive can do so during the contest period from Oct. 15-24. The vote is actually a personal commitment to follow safe driving rules at all times.