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Warren County infrastructure needs examined
The four-lane to Woodbury, complete in November 2014, is one of the largest transportation projects in Warren County over the past decade. The Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance estimates the county needs $61 million in transportation projects for the county to remain up to date in its infrastructure needs.
With the new year upon us, the Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance is urging citizens and public officials to review the infrastructure needs for Warren County as profiled in the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.In Warren County, the Tennessee Advisory Commission estimates a total investment of $123.9 million in 90 projects. Projects can include infrastructure needs such as transportation networks, storm water control, public school buildings, drinking water, and sewer systems.Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance shows Warren County’s top five infrastructure needs are in the following categories:• Transportation -- $61 million • Water and Wastewater -- $23.5 million• Law Enforcement -- $13.1 million • Other Facilities -- $12 million • Recreation -- $4 million The Tennessee Infrastructure Alliance’s infrastructure report is the 13th in a series on infrastructure that began in 1998. Most recent report highlights statewide infrastructure needs from July 2013 through June 2018.