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Warren County drenched with over 4 inches of rain
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The old adage it always rains on fair week may have gotten ahead of itself thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, which dumped over 4 inches of precipitation on Warren County this week.A total of 4.35 inches of rain was measured at McMinnville Water Plant as of 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, with rain recorded on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.“In three days we had almost double the amount of rain we had during the whole month of August,” said water plant manager Ricky Morton, noting there was 2.77 inches of rain recorded in August.While Warren County received steady rain, Lee was an unprecedented storm in some places. In Chattanooga, a one-day record for rainfall was set Monday with 8.16 inches. By Tuesday, 10 inches of rain had fallen in the state’s fourth-largest city, which had its driest August ever with barely a drop of rain.Breaking the mini-drought came thanks to the arrival of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, called by some the “Supersoaker Storm” due to its heavy precipitation which caused serious flooding problems near its point of landfall in southern Louisiana and Mississippi.Locally, rain fell steadily starting late Sunday and at some points brought short-lived heavy downpours, along with wild gusts of 30 mph.